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341.   Trope for January 1st by Ross Clark
342.   Thomas Huxley's Monkeys [Spam Poems #1]
343.   other junior high boyfriends by Tara Jepsen
344.   Pending by Antler
345.   Pending by Antler


346.   The Love Nest by Michael Pulley
347.   Wack-Off Alley by Dan Provost
348.   5 bucks on Micheline by Debbie Kirk
349.   That bitch of yours by Debbie Kirk
350.   The Fallow White Page by Dove Cochrane
351.   Hollywood Elegies by Bertolt Brecht

MARCH 2004

352.   This, After an Argument by Dese'Rae L. Stage
353.   sunny side motel, 4 am by Dese'Rae L. Stage
354.   I Was Still Awake in Time for Church by Kathleen Libby
355.   Waste Paper by Kathleen Libby
356.   Enough Man by Rocco Kayiatos
357.   The Tropical Humidity in Temperate Zone by Matthew Keenan
358.   'somewhere i have never travelled' by e. e. cummings
359.   Kandahar by Josee Andrei

APRIL 2004

360.   History of the Leisure Class (Revised)
361.   Marching for the Eagle by Phil Goldvarg
362.   The Eagle is Not Down by Phil Goldvarg
363.   Josee' by Phil Goldvarg
364.   Make Love Not War by Phil Goldvarg
365.   He Called Me Mijo by Phil Goldvarg
366.   You Have Touched a Rock by Phil Goldvarg
367.   Dreaming the Earth by Phil Goldvarg
368.   Frida on Paper by Phil Goldvarg
369.   I Will Not Carry Arms by Phil Goldvarg
370.   Che by Phil Goldvarg
371.   I get the impression the world is made of roses by Crawdad Nelson
372.   Pie in the Sky [SONG] by Joe Hill
373.   Listen... by Chad Williams

MAY 2004

374.   Whispers and Shadows by Paul Reichanadter
375.   A San Fran Serious by Tim Nelson
376.   "Who wants to have a baby with me tonight?" by Owen Roberts
377.   1:45 a.m. by Owen Roberts
378.   Soul Mates by Matt Smith
379.   An Afternoon by Tom Armstrong

JUNE 2004

380.   A Letter To Hank by Julie Reyes
381.   This City Is Sending Signals by Julie Reyes
382.   drips by Bri Foster
383.   Cunt in Cammies by Ami Petrossi
384.   Butcher Barber Baby Babylon by Bri Foster
385.   Exploring New York (Part I : Souvenir Shopping With Mr. Minnesota) by Ami Petrossi
386.   The Decline & Fall of San Francisco by Allen Cohen
387.   American Business Card by D.B. "Donnie" Cox
388.   The Ward by D.B. "Donnie" Cox
389.   Burning White Sage by Nace Phlaux

JULY 2004

390.   The Hand That Grasped the Fire by Susan Spivack
391.   Sigh Into Song by Mike Soper
392.   I'm still here by Kathi Ackerman
393.   Winter's Tears by Harold Konstantelos
394.   Sexy Sophia? by Maria McCarthy
395.   Brain Spasms by Joseph Veronneau
396.   ONUS I by Tim Foster
397.   ONUS II by Tim Foster
398.   ONUS III by Tim Foster
399.   ONUS IV by Tim Foster
400.   ONUS V by Tim Foster


401.   Pigeon Manifesto by Michelle Tea
402.   Bigger than the Sky by Frank Andrick
403.   99 Flowers by Frank Andrick
404.   Baudelaire by Frank Andrick
405.   Electronic Andrick by Rachel Savage
406.   The Owls by Charles Baudelaire
407.   Three Kisses by Arthur Rimbaud
408.   The Venal Muse by Charles Baudelaire
409.   My Bohemian Life by Arthur Rimbaud
410.   El Loco Al Que Llaman Rey (The Madman They Call King) Por Leopoldo Mar’a Panero Translations by Arturo Mantec—n
411.   Two Part Harmony by whitney baker


412.   Three Haiku by Bryn Dekker [Now, Wal-Mart, Tree]
413.   Mrs. Coyote by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
414.   Coming At Me by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
415.   Women in Black: September 11, 2002 by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
416.   Night Calls by Robert Roden
417.   Eugenio de Andrade Visits Albany by Geof A. Huth
418.   singing children haiku by David Humprhreys
419.   Whiskey Yankee Tango Bravo by David Humphreys


420.   Sensationalism by Ruebi Freyja
421.   One thousand paper cranes by Ruebi Freyja
422.   Jay's Dream by Ruebi Freyja
423.   A Poem is a Street Hustler by Julia Vinograd
424.   My own epitaph, which I better write because I know too many poets by Julia Vinograd
425.   The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell
426.   Looking for War by Ann Menebroker
427.   The Downtown of Life by Ann Menebroker
428.   Fame by Arthur Winfield Knight
429.   My Eyes Follow Them by Nellie Wong
430.   Only One Hour by Nellie Wong
431.   Viva French Fries! by Nellie Wong
432.   Poem for President Bush by A.D. Winans
433.   Hi-Ho, John Ashcroft by Kimberly White
434.   Hard Work by Greg Boyd
435.   'Beat! Beat! Drums!' by Walt Whitman
436.   Rush Limbaugh's Formative Years by Robert Roden
437.   Axiom by Pearl Stein Selinksy
438.   Mr. Ashcroft by Pearl Stein Selinksy
439.   Every mother's child by Ruhiyyih Hansen
440.   Going to sleep in the Garden Past Despair by Eugene Ruggles
441.   'Ten Ways to Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow to Anybody' by Adrian Mitchell
442.   Very Short Story by David Humphreys
443.   Pending by Anatole Lubovich


444.   Something by Joyce Odam
445.   Paul by Joyce Odam
446.   Winter, the White Edge by Joyce Odam
447.   mi falda verde [my green skirt] by Christina Mantec—n
448.   Light of Love by Mark Anthony Kernan
449.   Italian for Beginners by Juliette Lee
450.   She rings the bell by Juliana Bures
451.   The Cunt by M.A. Internicola
452.   The Amazing Changing Face by J. D. Nelson
453.   thunder in the sunshine... by Claudia Pisano
454.   George Bush's Whitehouse Bed by Crag Hill


455.   Lengua de Filero by Xico Gonzalez [Goldvarg tribute]
456.   An Evening at the Matinee by Tiffini Brock
457.   popular airs by Christopher Mulrooney
458.   my reflection through rippled glass... by nathan cordero
459.   Arboretum by Dan Brook
460.   Canna Mania by Diane E. Dees
461.   The Storybook House by Karen White
462.   Five O'Clock in the Morning by Alice Parris
463.   Jesabel - Lonely Soul by Jennifer February
464.   Rest Assured I've Never Been There by Jnana Hodson
465.   Swing by Todd Eddy
466.   Tears by Adrian Manning
467.   11 by Eric Tolles
468.   Phone Kabbala / Christmas Present / Night Vision / Rubber Fetish by Helen Buckingham
469.   Transparency by Martha Lea
470.   Hecate by Zoe Brigley
471.   Quest by Charlotte Hoare
472.   For Kenneth & Miriam [Poems for Patchen] by Crawdad Nelson
473.   in a field of raw potatoes [Poems for Patchen] by Crawdad Nelson
474.   The Rifle Barrel [Poems for Patchen] by Crawdad Nelson

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