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177.   Any Port In A Storm by Bradley Mason Hamlin
178.   J.D. OUTLAW by John Davis
179.   Small Reward by Tom Goff
180.   Wakeup by Tom Goff
181.   If You're Happy And You Know It (Bomb Iraq)
182.   A Crash of Rhinos by Mary Zeppa
183.   My Beauty by Mary Zeppa
184.   Outlaws are existentialists... by Gary Aposhian
185.   the night we bought Taiwan's solid-state Hitachi by Bill Costley
186.   Riddled w/bills by Bill Costley


187.   Naked by Noelle Ellis
188.   Convincing by Noelle Ellis
189.   Wisdom Is the Arduous Trip by Justin Cain
190.   Inhibited Wreck by Justin Cain
191.   Lost Arts by Justin Cain
192.   Poseur King by Noelle Ellis
193.   lost by Anna Ortiz
194.   fears by Anna Ortiz
195.   arrest me, mr. officer by Anna Ortiz
196.   Body to Body by David Iribarne
197.   The Last Day by David Iribarne
198.   Nothing is as Worthless as a Rock Star by Tim Foster
199.   Ru's Poem by Ruhiyyih Elizabeth Hansen
200.   On the Death of Jack Micheline by A.D. Winans
201.   In Memory of Jack Micheline by A.D. Winans

MARCH 2003

202.   The Perfect Pint by Richard Martin (BOINK)
203.   Leprechaun Love (an epic limerick) by Joan Kruger
204.   On Organizing by Cesar Chavez

APRIL 2003

205.   Peter Panzer APRIL FOOL
206.   Each Hand is Now a Random Center by Nora Laila Staklis
207.   the Poet is a Thief of Fire by Frank Andrick
208.   Her by Anna Wilson
209.   Incident by Pearl Stein Selinsky
210.   Dictionary: G by Pearl Stein Selinsky
211.   Empathy Lesson in Beverly Hills by Anatole Taras Lubovich
212.   Dirty Linen by Anatole Taras Lubovich
213.   Correctible Condition by Anatole Taras Lubovich
214.   Acid Test by Anatole Taras Lubovich

MAY 2003

215.   Coming to Church by Tom Goff

JUNE 2003

216.   Contraband by Robert Roden
217.   sparkler by Derrick C. Brown
218.   Educating California by Robert Roden
219.   untitled by Derrick C. Brown
220.   A Lesson in Morphology by Robert Roden
221.   NOT about the rodney dangerfieid movie by Joel Chmara
222.   PATTON, pending the mettle of honor by Joel Chmara
223.   Stones by Shin Yu Pai
224.   Sheep piece by Shin Yu Pai
225.   Your Monster by Peggy Sue Byrnes
226.   The Poem Scratches at the Door by Peggy Sue Byrnes
227.   [ As we watch tv ... ] by Dan Dulitz
228.   No Poem by Dan Dulitz
229.   Geological Formations by David B. McCoy
230.   Irrelevant Lines by Tom Haykin
231.   It All Comes Down to This by Gary Aposhian
232.   For James Percival Marshall by Diana Marshall
233.   In Computers by Alan P. Lightman
234.   Pending
235.   Pending
236.   To Julia de Burgos by Julia de Burgos
237.   SexBomb by Lee Kitzis
238.   cutlets by Donna Kuhn
239.   another coast by Donna Kuhn

JULY 2003

240.   American Pride Checklist by Dahn Shaulis
241.   Smuggled out for mature audiences only by Gene Bloom
242.   Awaiting You by Gene Bloom
243.   A Retaliatory Retort ... by Gene Bloom
244.   willow trees by Kimberly White
245.   I'm a cop by Kimberly White
246.   Letters to Cameron - 13 by Luke Breit
247.   Letters to Cameron - 15 by Luke Breit
248.   supercuts by Donna Kuhn
249.   At the Wet Seal by Chuck Nevsimal
250.   Farewell from Welfare Island by Julia de Burgos
251.   Eating Out by Doug Holder
252.   Demoula's Market by Doug Holder
253.   Body of a Woman by Pablo Neruda
254.   Unamed Events by Lev Rubinstein


255.   Troubador by Richard Lopez
256.   Clove Cigarettes by Richard Lopez
257.   Brass Knuckles by Richard Lopez
258.   Savage Haikus by Rachel Savage
259.   The Magic Garter by Rachel Savage
260.   Cafˇ Murder by Rachel Savage
261.   Crossing the Meridian by Larry Sawyer
262.   Post-Beat-Poets (We Are Credo #2) by Steve Dalachinsky
263.   Patti Smith's Fingers by Steve Dalachinsky
264.   Austin Boulevard in April by Lee Kitzis
265.   I am in the City and She Looks Away by Lee Kitzis


266.   See You When ... by Ron Offen
267.   The Beautiful by Michelle Tea
268.   i alone ... by Max Schwartz
269.   Must I take my clothes off? by Max Schwartz
270.   Apple Blossoms by Susan Kelly-Dewitt
271.   Bales Along Highway 4 by Susan Kelly-Dewitt
272.   my silent dreadnoughts [for miles davis] by Anthony Vieira
273.   11.22.63 by justin.barrett
274.   fuck you, tom brokaw by justin.barrett
275.   counterfeit poem by justin.barrett
276.   american koan #52 by mark s kuhar
277.   american koan #231 by mark s kuhar
278.   american koan #9 by mark s kuhar
279.   american koan #91 by mark s kuhar
280.   american koan #1435 by mark s kuhar
281.   american koan #2 by mark s kuhar
282.   The Last of Neo-Goths by Alan N. Satow


283.   Creeley by B.L. Kennedy
284.   Lovemaking Sounds by Kimi Julian
285.   Life Among the Poor by Ed Galing
286.   Before Commands by Andrew Gottlieb
287.   august by Kasandra Larsen
288.   The Scientist by Ed Krizek
289.   Boxed Transistor by Jon Leon
290.   URANUS by Tuli Kupferberg
291.   A Fog Wanders by Rustin Larson
292.   Baedecker's Paris, 1907 by Annie Lugthart
293.   "Americans Spend 90% of Their Lives Indoors" by Joel Dailey
294.   Jet Turns by Joel Dailey
295.   Lost in Lowell by David Juan Portolano
296.   Death March by Tom Kryss
297.   like it was yesterday by alainea
298.   Mingus by John Hall
299.   heavy planks on the waltzer by Seth McMillan
300.   Illustrations by Michael King
301.   The World's Not for Us Poor Boys by Jack Micheline
302.   Just in Case by B.L. Kennedy
303.   Upon Eating a Manzanita Berry by Rebecca Morrison
304.   Can Poetry Stop a War by Phil Goldvarg
305.   Por Vida (One) by Danny Romero
306.   Por Vida (Two) by Danny Romero
307.   Out Of Order In The Eye by Jasper Santen
308.   The same corner of the Bar by Timothy Gager
309.   Get Drunk (A Poem in Prose) by Charles Baudelaire
310.   Kept Awake by Summer Heat by Ross Clark
311.   light, heat, passion by Ross Clark
312.   A First-timer at PBA (Po-Biz Anonymous) by JeFF Stumpo


313.   Cemetery by Rachel Savage
314.   The Vanishing Point by Julia Levine
315.   Mercy by Julia Levine
316.   Picking Up by Beth Lisick
317.   Burning Moment by Becca Costello
318.   Cuppa Joe by Becca Costello
319.   Toast and Tea by Sherry Saye
320.   Palabras Y Fuego by Phil Goldvarg
321.   South of no Africa by Teodor Mischkin
322.   Absolution by Helen Losse
323.   an acre of something by Rob McLennan
324.   another moonlight by Rob McLennan


325.   Emerald Sky by Elyse Roth
326.   Poem by Peter Keat
327.   We've Eaten Our Stomachs by Wilson Alvarez
328.   The Insomniac's Dream by Donna Han
329.   What I've learned by Jessica Cochran
330.   To Bob by Chad Parenteau
331.   Chaos Theory by Mark Boni
332.   nine years later, the sun still dying by John Sweet
333.   Blue Train by Glenn Cooper
334.   Beyond Love by Jeneen Reynolds
335.   Sidewalk Mantra by Hilary Krzywkowski
336.   What a Hand Holds by Hilary Krzywkowski
337.   The Visit by Hilary Krzywkowski
338.   Aquifer by Larry Colker
339.   The Caterpillars by Larry Colker
340.   Why He Died by Rebecca Morrison

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