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103.   Mija, Mija! by Mario Ellis Hill
104.   Old Warrior of North Beach by A.D. Winans
105.   For Jim by A.D. Winans
106.   Thinking About the Food Chain by A.D. Winans
107.   New York Story, The Sixties by Melissa Shook
108.   A tribute to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr
109.   Ode to a Natural Born Lawbreaker by Jose Montoya
110.   Chicanos before the war, Raza Before the war by Jose Montoya


111.   Famous Poet's Fast Footwear by Lytton Bell
112.   A Personal Question by Lytton Bell
113.   Infidelity Stew by Lyn Lifshin
114.   Dialing Your Number by Lyn Lifshin
115.   Ero-genius by Rhony Bhopla

MARCH 2002

116.   Conception by Angela Boyce
117.   Love Poem by Richard Brautigan
118.   All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan
119.   Red Leaf (To Death) by Rhony Bhopla

APRIL 2002

120.   Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima
121.   Make the Pie Higher by George W. Bush (APRIL FOOL)
122.   crane by Heather Hutcheson
123.   Jack Hirschman's Wedding by Gerald Nicosia
124.   the concert by Heather Hutcheson
125.   five buttons by Heather Hutcheson
126.   James Dean: Maila by Arthur Winfield Knight
127.   The Artist's Duty by Kenneth Patchen
128.   For Bob Kaufman by A.D. Winans
129.   For Kenneth Patchen by A.D. Winans

MAY 2002

131.   5 Squirrels, 16 Crows by James DenBoer
132.   Economies by James DenBoer
133.   fillip #29 by Arthur Butler
134.   norwegian, speaking cat by Arthur Butler
135.   Death Row Pennsylvania by Gerald Nicosia

JUNE 2002

136.   Lake Tahoe: Floating by Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly
137.   Lesson by Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly
138.   Can U Take Me Home Please by Gene Bloom
139.   I want it I want it by Gene Bloom

JULY 2002

140.   Patritoism by Douglas Blazek
141.   Uses of a Flag by Douglas Blazek
142.   The Palace of America by Douglas Blazek
143.   The Multitude by Douglas Blazek
144.   Raising a Family in Consumer America by Douglas Blazek
145.   Democracy in the Empire by Douglas Blazek


146.   Love by Ann Menebroker
147.   Torch Song by Ann Menebroker
148.   Maintaining Appearances by Christine M. Kirker
149.   Milk and Eggs by Christine M. Kirker
150.   From the Desert by Barbara Jodry
151.   City Midnight by Maura Gage
152.   Fishing with Stiletto by Maura Gage
153.   Bare Branches by Gail Ghai


154.   Who Will Save The Duck? by Kit Knight
155.   Language of the Heart by Kathy Austin
156.   Bon Bons (a Collection) by Judith A. Lawrence
157.   At this moment by Adrian Manning
158.   Black days by Adrian Manning
159.   Kaleidoscoope Haze by Sarah Perdue
160.   Pittsburgh Is My City by Michael Wurster
161.   Knowings by Judith R. Robinson
162.   Between Disneyland and Death Row by Dahn Shaulis
163.   Lockdown Bed and Breakfast by Dahn Shaulis
164.   Freedom by Akua Lezli Hope
165.   Not Final, Just Next by Akua Lezli Hope


166.   GAMES by Greg Boyd
167.   Edouard's Nose by Greg Boyd
168.   Making Manifesto by Richard Martin
169.   Slow Light by Richard Martin
170.   F.U.C.K. by Barbara Noble
171.   Tax Time by Barbara Noble


172.   Poems Like This by Joan Kruger
173.   Remembering 1970 by Joan Kruger
174.   What She Wrote From Rural America by Doug Draime
175.   What Time Does The Train Arrive At Station Desperation? by Doug Draime


176.   Christmas Song by Jethro Tull

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