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MARCH 2001

01.   The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies by d.a. levy
02.   The Truth by Ted Joans
03.   For Gregory Corso by Robert Creeley
04A.   Advice... by Roque Dalton
04B.   An Appeal to the Young by Peter Kropotkin
05.   Roll The Dice by Charles Bukowski
06.   What About You? by Vladimir Mayakovsky
07.   First Catch the Rabbit by Jack Spicer
08.   On Thinking About Hell by Bertolt Brecht
09.   to jim lowells goldfish by d.a. levy

APRIL 2001

10.   (April Fool's Day) Gov. Davis packin' heat by Anonymous
11.   First Catch the Rabbit by Jack Spicer
12.   Fast Speaking Woman (I) by Anne Waldman
13.   Fast Speaking Woman (II) by Anne Waldman
14.   Fast Speaking Woman (III) by Anne Waldman
15.   Butch Cassidy: Vanished by Arthur Winfield Knight
16.   That Clean Sun Smell by Kit Knight
17.   Still Life of Motion by Douglas Blazek
18.   Panty Hose by Arthur Winfield Knight / The Sick Rose by William Blake / The Toad by Gunter Grass / 21st & K by Richard Hansen
19.   The Xibalba Arcane: No. 13 by Jack Hirschman
20.   The Athiest by Rachel Hansen
21.   "Delmira" by Bill James
22.   False Rosary Beads (From Rosary of Eros)by Delmira Agustini
23.   Writing Poems is a Saintly Thing by Peter Orlovsky
24.   a small entreaty by Patti Smith
25.   HOWL [excerpt] by Allen Ginsberg
26.   I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss
27.   Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
28.   Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson
29.   After the Marxist Rally by Douglas Blazek
30.   Nurse's Song by William Blake
31.   bouregeoisie chant by d.a. Levy
32.   Ahead Yet by Cherri Jean Porter
33.   A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
34.   Divine Fields by Maxwell Benedetti
35.   Undiscovered Country by Carl Garland
36.   The Asshole by Arthur Winfield Knight
37.   Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits
38.   The Five Hundred Million by Rachel Hansen
39.   Tiffany's Donut Shops by Kit Knight
40.   Laying Trail and Waiting Tables [Dubuque, Iowa] by Cherri Jean Porter

JUNE 2001

41.   The Berkshire Polish Bar - 1967 by Ed Chaberek
42.   Rose-1957 by Ed Chaberek
43.   Intimidated by The Breakage by Michael Wurster
44.   Brakhage by Michael Wurster
45.   Delta Country by Mariana Williamson

JULY 2001

46.   here's to the lovely martini by Anonymous
47.   To Roosevelt by Rubˇn Dar’o
48.   Privileges of the Poor by Juan del Valle y Caviedes


49.   Fetish List (I) by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg
50.   Predictions by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg
51.   Pike Bishop: Illusions by Arthur Winfield Knight
52.   I make these little poem books by Dan Dulitz
53.   The Ballad of Harry Bridges by Pete Seeger
54.   Trying Desperately by Kit Knight
55.   Today Someone Will by Bert Benson
56.   i'm nobody! by Hyman O'body
57.   untitled /"Paris I have never seen..." by Tuli Kupferberg


58.   Love Poem No. 7 by Scot Soriano
59.   Displaced Worker by Michael Wurster
60.   Poets & Sculptors by Alix (185 Anthology Poem)
61.   The Drunkard by Jack Micheline (185 Anthology Poem)
62.   The Vision of Yustina by Kit Knight
63.   Lunch Break - 1967 by Ed Chaberek
64.   Delivering Again by Ed Chaberek


65.   Blue Boulevard by Lytton Bell
66.   Free Oranges by James DenBoer
67.   Scrapbook Museum of a Corduroy Saint by Bert Benson
68.   Yad Vashem by Judith R. Robinson
69.   Love Poem No. 1 by Scot Soriano
70.   Arrows by Ko Un
71.   Korean Zen Poems by Ko Un


72.   Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden
73.   Ginsberg: Pictures by David Boswell
74.   Okie Zen by Ben L. Hiatt
75.   While Dancing by Ben L. Hiatt
76.   We Do Not Speak of Love (for Alix 185) by Harold Norse
77.   Whore by Bradley Mason Hamlin
78.   Supernatural Insomnia by Shane Jones
79.   Cocksucker's Blues by Justin Chin
80.   Poem for Ashley by Justin Chin
81.   Rainy Day (for Jeff Selig) by Cherri Jean Porter
82.   Geisha by Joan E. Bauer
83.   Warm October Poem by Noel Peattie
84.   Speak the word only! by Noel Peattie
85.   Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison
86.   Those Missing Towers by Michael Wurster
87.   Night Entered into the Sleepy Parlor by Delmira Agustini
88.   September by Shane Jones
89.   Getting Creative by Shane Jones


90.   On 99 by Traci Gourdine
91.   Richard Wright ... by Steve Dalachinsky
92.   Spreaad Bee Breaad by Michael Basinski
93.   Perfumeoems by Michael Basinski
94.   Desire Poems by Michael Basinski
95.   Thex Fluid Part of Water by Michael Basinski
96.   Zee James At Christmas, 1875 by Kit Knight
97.   The Joker by William Wantling
98.   Haiku by William Wantling
99.   The Para-Concrete Manifesto (excerpt) by d.a. Levy
100.   The child of a dot by Jean Arp
101.   Sophie by Jean Arp
102.   Four buttons two holes four brooms by Jean Arp

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