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MARCH 2001

01. The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies by d.a. levy

02. The Truth by Ted Joans

03. For Gregory Corso by Robert Creeley

04A. Advice... by Roque Dalton

04B. An Appeal to the Young by Peter Kropotkin

05. Roll The Dice by Charles Bukowski

06. What About You? by Vladimir Mayakovsky

07. First Catch the Rabbit by Jack Spicer

08. On Thinking About Hell by Bertolt Brecht

09. to jim lowells goldfish by d.a. levy

APRIL 2001

10. Gov. Davis packin' heat by Anonymous (April Fool's Day)

11. My Poems by Yone Noguchi

12. Fast Speaking Woman (I) by Anne Waldman

13. Fast Speaking Woman (II) by Anne Waldman

14. Fast Speaking Woman (III) by Anne Waldman

15. Butch Cassidy: Vanished by Arthur Winfield Knight

16. That Clean Sun Smell by Kit Knight

17. Still Life of Motion by Douglas Blazek

18. Panty Hose by Arthur Winfield Knight / The Sick Rose by William Blake /
The Toad by Gunter Grass / 21st & K by Richard Hansen

19. The Xibalba Arcane: No. 13 by Jack Hirschman

20. The Atheist by Rachel Hansen (formerly "How Frightened You Must Be")

21. "Delmira" by Bill James

22. False Rosary Beads (From Rosary of Eros) by Delmira Agustini

23. Writing Poems is a Saintly Thing by Peter Orlovsky

24. a small entreaty by Patti Smith

25. HOWL by Allen Ginsberg

26. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss

27. Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

28. Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson

29. After the Marxist Rally by Douglas Blazek

30. Nurse's Song by William Blake

31. bouregeoisie chant by d.a. Levy

32. Ahead Yet by Cherri Jean Porter

33. A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

34. Divine Fields by Maxwell Benedetti

35. Undiscovered Country by Carl Garland

36. The Asshole by Arthur Winfield Knight

37. Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits

38. The Five Hundred Million by Rachel Hansen

39. Tiffany's Donut Shops by Kit Knight

40. Laying Trail and Waiting Tables [Dubuque, Iowa] by Cherri Jean Porter

JUNE 2001

41.The Berkshire Polish Bar - 1967 by Ed Chaberek

42.Rose-1957 by Ed Chaberek

43. Intimidated by The Breakage by Michael Wurster

44. Brakhage by Michael Wurster

45. Delta Country by Mariana Williamson

JULY 2001

46. here's to the lovely martini by Anonymous

47. To Roosevelt by Rubén Darío

48. Privileges of the Poor by Juan del Valle y Caviedes


49. Fetish List (I) by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

50. Predictions by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

51. Pike Bishop: Illusions by Arthur Winfield Knight

52. I make these little poem books by Dan Dulitz

53. The Ballad of Harry Bridges by Pete Seeger

54. Trying Desperately by Kit Knight

55. Today Someone Will by Bert Benson

56. i'm nobody! by Hyman O'body

57. untitled /"Paris I have never seen..." by Tuli Kupferberg


58. Love Poem No. 7 by Scot Soriano

59. Displaced Worker by Michael Wurster

60. Poets & Sculptors by Alix (185 Anthology Poem)

61. The Drunkard by Jack Micheline (185 Anthology Poem)

62. The Vision of Yustina by Kit Knight

63. Lunch Break - 1967 by Ed Chaberek

64. Delivering Again by Ed Chaberek


65. Blue Boulevard by Lytton Bell

66. Free Oranges by James DenBoer

67. Scrapbook Museum of a Corduroy Saint by Bert Benson

68. Yad Vashem by Judith R. Robinson

69. Love Poem No. 1 by Scot Soriano

70. Arrows by Ko Un

71. Korean Zen Poems by Ko Un


72. Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden

73. Ginsberg: Pictures by David Boswell

74. Okie Zen by Ben L. Hiatt

75. While Dancing by Ben L. Hiatt

76. We Do Not Speak of Love (for Alix 185) by Harold Norse

77. Whore by Bradley Mason Hamlin

78. Supernatural Insomnia by Shane Jones

79. Cocksucker's Blues by Justin Chin

80. Poem for Ashley by Justin Chin

81. Rainy Day (for Jeff Selig) by Cherri Jean Porter

82. Geisha by Joan E. Bauer

83. Warm October Poem by Noel Peattie

84. Speak the word only! by Noel Peattie

85. Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison

86. Those Missing Towers by Michael Wurster

87. Night Entered into the Sleepy Parlor by Delmira Agustini

88. September by Shane Jones

89. Getting Creative by Shane Jones


90. On 99 by Traci Gourdine

91. Richard Wright ... by Steve Dalachinsky

92. Spreaad Bee Breaad by Michael Basinski

93. Perfumeoems by Michael Basinski

94. Desire Poems by Michael Basinski

95. Thex Fluid Part of Water by Michael Basinski

96. Zee James At Christmas, 1875 by Kit Knight

97. The Joker by William Wantling

98. Haiku by William Wantling

99. The Para-Concrete Manifesto (excerpt) by d.a. Levy

100. The child of a dot by Jean Arp

101. Sophie by Jean Arp

102. Four buttons two holes four brooms by Jean Arp


103. Mija, Mija! by Mario Ellis Hill

104. Old Warrior of North Beach by A.D. Winans

105. For Jim by A.D. Winans

106. Thinking About the Food Chain by A.D. Winans

107. New York Story, The Sixties by Melissa Shook

108. A tribute to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

109. Ode to a Natural Born Lawbreaker by Jose Montoya

110. Chicanos before the war, Raza Before the war by Jose Montoya


111. Famous Poet's Fast Footwear by Lytton Bell

112. A Personal Question by Lytton Bell

113. Infidelity Stew by Lyn Lifshin

114. Dialing Your Number by Lyn Lifshin

115. Ero-genius by Rhony Bhopla

MARCH 2002

116. Conception by Angela Boyce

117. Love Poem by Richard Brautigan

118. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan

119.Red Leaf (To Death) by Rhony Bhopla

APRIL 2002

120. Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima

121. Make the Pie Higher by George W. Bush (APRIL FOOL)

122. crane by Heather Hutcheson

123. Jack Hirschman's Wedding by Gerald Nicosia

124. the concert by Heather Hutcheson

125. five buttons by Heather Hutcheson

126.James Dean: Maila by Arthur Winfield Knight

127. The Artist's Duty by Kenneth Patchen

128.For Bob Kaufman by A.D. Winans

129.For Kenneth Patchen by A.D. Winans

MAY 2002

131. 5 Squirrels, 16 Crows by James DenBoer

132. Economies by James DenBoer

133. fillip #29 by Arthur Butler

134. norwegian, speaking cat by Arthur Butler

135. Death Row Pennsylvania by Gerald Nicosia

JUNE 2002

136. Lake Tahoe: Floating by Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly

137. Lesson by Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly

138. Can U Take Me Home Please by Gene Bloom

139. I want it I want it by Gene Bloom

JULY 2002

140. Patritoism by Douglas Blazek

141. Uses of a Flag by Douglas Blazek

142. The Palace of America by Douglas Blazek

143. The Multitude by Douglas Blazek

144. Raising a Family in Consumer America by Douglas Blazek

145. Democracy in the Empire by Douglas Blazek


146. Love by Ann Menebroker

147. Torch Song by Ann Menebroker

148. Maintaining Appearances by Christine M. Kirker

149. Milk and Eggs by Christine M. Kirker

150. From the Desert by Barbara Jodry

151. City Midnight by Maura Gage

152. Fishing with Stiletto by Maura Gage

153. Bare Branches by Gail Ghai


154. Who Will Save The Duck? by Kit Knight

155. Language of the Heart by Kathy Austin

156. Bon Bons (a Collection) by Judith A. Lawrence

157. At this moment by Adrian Manning

158. Black days by Adrian Manning

159. Kaleidoscoope Haze by Sarah Perdue

160. Pittsburgh Is My City by Michael Wurster

161.Knowings by Judith R. Robinson

162. Between Disneyland and Death Row by Dahn Shaulis

163. Lockdown Bed and Breakfast by Dahn Shaulis

164. Freedom by Akua Lezli Hope

165. Not Final, Just Next by Akua Lezli Hope


166. GAMES by Greg Boyd

167. Edouard's Nose by Greg Boyd

168. Making Manifesto by Richard Martin

169. Slow Light by Richard Martin

170. F.U.C.K. by Barbara Noble

171. Tax Time by Barbara Noble


172. Poems Like This by Joan Kruger

173. Remembering 1970 by Joan Kruger

174. What She Wrote From Rural America by Doug Draime

175. What Time Does The Train Arrive At Station Desperation? by Doug Draime


176. Christmas Song by Jethro Tull


177. Any Port In A Storm by Bradley Mason Hamlin

178. J.D. OUTLAW by John Davis

179. Small Reward by Tom Goff

180. Wakeup by Tom Goff

181. If You're Happy And You Know It (Bomb Iraq)

182. A Crash of Rhinos by Mary Zeppa

183. My Beauty by Mary Zeppa

184. Outlaws are existentialists... by Gary Aposhian

185. the night we bought Taiwan's solid-state Hitachi by Bill Costley

186. Riddled w/bills by Bill Costley


187. Naked by Noelle Ellis

188. Convincing by Noelle Ellis

189. Wisdom Is the Arduous Trip by Justin Cain

190. Inhibited Wreck by Justin Cain

191. Lost Arts by Justin Cain

192. Poseur King by Noelle Ellis

193. lost by Anna Ortiz

194.fears by Anna Ortiz

195.arrest me, mr. officer by Anna Ortiz

196. Body to Body by David Iribarne

197. The Last Day by David Iribarne

198. Nothing is as Worthless as a Rock Star by Tim Foster

199. Ru's Poem by Ruhiyyih Elizabeth Hansen

200. On the Death of Jack Micheline by A.D. Winans

201. In Memory of Jack Micheline by A.D. Winans

MARCH 2003

202. The Perfect Pint by Richard Martin (BOINK)

203. Leprechaun Love (an epic limerick) by Joan Kruger

204. On Organizing by Cesar Chavez

APRIL 2003

205. Peter Panzer (APRIL FOOL)

206. Each Hand is Now a Random Center by Nora Laila Staklis

207. the Poet is a Thief of Fire by Frank Andrick

208. Her by Anna Wilson

209. Incident by Pearl Stein Selinsky

210. Dictionary: G by Pearl Stein Selinsky

211. Empathy Lesson in Beverly Hills by Anatole Taras Lubovich

212. Dirty Linen by Anatole Taras Lubovich

213. Correctible Condition by Anatole Taras Lubovich

214. Acid Test by Anatole Taras Lubovich

MAY 2003

215. Coming to Church by Tom Goff

JUNE 2003

216. Contraband by Robert Roden

217. sparkler by Derrick C. Brown

218. Educating California by Robert Roden

219. untitled by Derrick C. Brown

220. A Lesson in Morphology by Robert Roden

221. NOT about the rodney dangerfieid movie by Joel Chmara

222. PATTON, pending the mettle of honor by Joel Chmara

223. Stones by Shin Yu Pai

224. Sheep piece by Shin Yu Pai

225. Your Monster by Peggy Sue Byrnes

226. The Poem Scratches at the Door by Peggy Sue Byrnes

227. [ As we watch tv ... ] by Dan Dulitz

228. No Poem by Dan Dulitz

229. Geological Formations by David B. McCoy

230. Irrelevant Lines by Tom Haykin

231. It All Comes Down to This by Gary Aposhian

232. For James Percival Marshall by Diana Marshall

233. In Computers by Alan P. Lightman

234. Blue notebook no. 10 by Danill Kharms

235. Four Illustrations of How a New Idea Disconcerts a Man Unprepared for It by Danill Kharms

236. To Julia de Burgos by Julia de Burgos

237. SexBomb by Lee Kitzis

238. cutlets by Donna Kuhn

239. another coast by Donna Kuhn

JULY 2003

240. American Pride Checklist by Dahn Shaulis

241. Smuggled out for mature audiences only by Gene Bloom

242. Awaiting You by Gene Bloom

243. A Retaliatory Retort ... by Gene Bloom

244. willow trees by Kimberly White

245. I'm a cop by Kimberly White

246. Letters to Cameron - 13 by Luke Breit

247. Letters to Cameron - 15 by Luke Breit

248. supercuts by Donna Kuhn

249. At the Wet Seal by Chuck Nevsimal

250. Farewell from Welfare Island by Julia de Burgos

251. Eating Out by Doug Holder

252. Demoula's Market by Doug Holder

253. Body of a Woman by Pablo Neruda

254. Unnamed Events by Lev Rubinstein


255. Troubador by Richard Lopez

256. Clove Cigarettes by Richard Lopez

257. Brass Knuckles by Richard Lopez

258. Savage Haikus by Rachel Savage

259. The Magic Garter by Rachel Savage

260.Café Murder by Rachel Savage

261. Crossing the Meridian by Larry Sawyer

262. Post-Beat-Poets (We Are Credo #2) by Steve Dalachinsky

263. Patti Smith's Fingers by Steve Dalachinsky

264. Austin Boulevard in April by Lee Kitzis

265. I am in the City and She Looks Away by Lee Kitzis


266. See You When ... by Ron Offen

267. The Beautiful by Michelle Tea

268. i alone ... by Max Schwartz

269. Must I take my clothes off? by Max Schwartz

270. Apple Blossoms by Susan Kelly-Dewitt

271. Bales Along Highway 4 by Susan Kelly-Dewitt

272. my silent dreadnoughts [for miles davis] by Anthony Vieira

273. 11.22.63 by justin.barrett

274. fuck you, tom brokaw by justin.barrett

275. counterfeit poem by justin.barrett

276. american koan #52 by mark s kuhar

277. american koan #231 by mark s kuhar

278. american koan #9 by mark s kuhar

279. american koan #91 by mark s kuhar

280. american koan #1435 by mark s kuhar

281. american koan #2 by mark s kuhar

282. The Last of the Neo-Goths by Alan N. Satow


283. Creeley by B.L. Kennedy

284. Lovemaking Sounds by Kimi Julian

285. Life Among the Poor by Ed Galing

286. Before Commands by Andrew Gottlieb

287. august by Kasandra Larsen

288. The Scientist by Ed Krizek

289. Boxed Transistor by Jon Leon

290. URANUS by Tuli Kupferberg

291. A Fog Wanders by Rustin Larson

292. Baedecker's Paris, 1907 by Annie Lugthart

293. "Americans Spend 90% of Their Lives Indoors" by Joel Dailey

294. Jet Turns by Joel Dailey

295. Lost in Lowell by David Juan Portolano

296. Death March by Tom Kryss

297. like it was yesterday by alainea

298. Mingus by John Hall

299. heavy planks on the waltzer by Seth McMillan

300. Illustrations by Michael King

301. The World's Not for Us Poor Boys by Jack Micheline

302. Just in Case by B.L. Kennedy

303. Upon Eating a Manzanita Berry by Rebecca Morrison

304.Can Poetry Stop a War by Phil Goldvarg

305. Por Vida (One) by Danny Romero

306. Por Vida (Two) by Danny Romero

307.Out Of Order In The Eye by Jasper Santen

308.The same corner of the Bar by Timothy Gager

309. Get Drunk (A Poem in Prose) by Charles Baudelaire

310. Kept Awake by Summer Heat by Ross Clark

311. light, heat, passion by Ross Clark

312. A First-timer at PBA (Po-Biz Anonymous) by JeFF Stumpo


313. Cemetery by Rachel Savage

314. The Vanishing Point by Julia Levine

315. Mercy by Julia Levine

316. Picking Up by Beth Lisick

317. Burning Moment by Becca Costello

318. Cuppa Joe by Becca Costello

319. Toast and Tea by Sherry Saye

320. Palabras Y Fuego by Phil Goldvarg

321. South of no Africa by Teodor Mischkin

322. Absolution by Helen Losse

323. an acre of something by Rob McLennan

324. another moonlight by Rob McLennan


325. Emerald Sky by Elyse Roth

326. Poem by Peter Keat

327. We've Eaten Our Stomachs by Wilson Alvarez

328. The Insomniac's Dream by Donna Han

329. What I've learned by Jessica Cochran

330.To Bob by Chad Parenteau

331.Chaos Theory by Mark Boni

332. nine years later, the sun still dying by John Sweet

333. Blue Train by Glenn Cooper

334. Beyond Love by Jeneen Reynolds

335. Sidewalk Mantra by Hilary Krzywkowski

336. What a Hand Holds by Hilary Krzywkowski

337. The Visit by Hilary Krzywkowski

338. Aquifer by Larry Colker

339. The Caterpillars by Larry Colker

340. Why He Died by Rebecca Morrison


341. Trope for January 1st by Ross Clark

342. Thomas Huxley's Monkeys [Spam Poems #1]

343. other junior high boyfriends by Tara Jepsen




346. The Love Nest by Michael Pulley

347. Wack-Off Alley by Dan Provost

348. 5 bucks on Micheline by Debbie Kirk

349. That bitch of yours by Debbie Kirk

350. The Fallow White Page by Dove Cochrane

351. Hollywood Elegies by Bertolt Brecht

MARCH 2004

352. This, After an Argument by Dese'Rae L. Stage

353. sunny side motel, 4 am by Dese'Rae L. Stage

354. I Was Still Awake in Time for Church by Kathleen Libby

355. Waste Paper by Kathleen Libby

356. Enough Man by Rocco Kayiatos

357. The Tropical Humidity in Temperate Zone by Matthew

358. 'somewhere i have never travelled' by e. e. cummings

359. Kandahar by Josee Andrei

APRIL 2004

360. The Theory of the Leisure Class (Revised)

361. Marching for the Eagle by Phil Goldvarg

362. The Eagle is Not Down by Phil Goldvarg

363. Josee' by Phil Goldvarg

364. Make Love Not War by Phil Goldvarg

365. He Called Me Mijo by Phil Goldvarg

366. You Have Touched a Rock by Phil Goldvarg

367. Dreaming the Earth by Phil Goldvarg

368. Frida on Paper by Phil Goldvarg

369. I Will Not Carry Arms by Phil Goldvarg

370. Che by Phil Goldvarg

371. I get the impression the world is made of roses by
Crawdad Nelson

372. Pie in the Sky [SONG] by Joe Hill

373. Listen... by Chad Williams

MAY 2004

374. Whispers and Shadows by Paul Reichanadter

375. A San Fran Serious by Tim Nelson

376. Crack Babies by Owen Roberts

377. 1:45 a.m. by Owen Roberts

378. Soul Mates by Matt Smith

379. An Afternoon by Tom Armstrong

JUNE 2004

380. A Letter To Hank by Julie Reyes

381. This City Is Sending Signals by Julie Reyes

382. drips by Bri Foster

383.Cunt in Cammies by Ami Petrossi

384. Butcher Barber Baby Babylon by Bri Foster

385. Exploring New York (Part I : Souvenir Shopping With Mr.
Minnesota) by Ami Petrossi

386. The Decline & Fall of San Francisco by Allen Cohen

387. American Business Card by D.B. "Donnie" Cox

388. The Ward by D.B. "Donnie" Cox

389. Burning White Sage by Nace Phlaux

JULY 2004

390. The Hand That Grasped the Fire by Susan Spivack

391. Sigh Into Song by Mike Soper

392. I'm still here by Kathi Ackerman

393. Winter's Tears by Harold Konstantelos

394. Sexy Sophia? by Maria McCarthy

395. Brain Spasms by Joseph Veronneau

396. ONUS I by Tim Foster (As Ernesto Poocho)

397. ONUS II by Tim Foster

398. ONUS III by Tim Foster

399. ONUS IV by Tim Foster

400. ONUS V by Tim Foster


401. Pigeon Manifesto by Michelle Tea

402. Bigger than the Sky by Frank Andrick

403. 99 Flowers by Frank Andrick

404. Baudelaire by Frank Andrick

405. Electronic Andrick by Rachel Savage

406. The Owls by Charles Baudelaire

407. Three Kisses by Arthur Rimbaud

408. The Venal Muse by Charles Baudelaire

409. My Bohemian Life by Arthur Rimbaud

410. El Loco Al Que Llaman Rey (The Madman They Call King)
Por Leopoldo María Panero Translations by Arturo Mantecón

411. Two Part Harmony by whitney baker


412. Three Haiku by Bryn Dekker [Now, Wal-Mart, Tree]

413. Mrs. Coyote by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

414. Coming At Me by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

415. Women in Black: September 11, 2002 by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

416. Night Calls by Robert Roden

417. Eugenio de Andrade Visits Albany by Geof A. Huth

418. singing children haiku by David Humprhreys

419. Whiskey Yankee Tango Bravo by David Humphreys


420. Sensationalism by Ruebi Freyja

421. One thousand paper cranes by Ruebi Freyja

422. Jay's Dream by Ruebi Freyja

423. A Poem is a Street Hustler by Julia Vinograd

424.My own epitaph, which I better write because I know too many poets by Julia Vinograd

425.The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell

426. Looking for War by Ann Menebroker

427. The Downtown of Life by Ann Menebroker

428. Fame by Arthur Winfield Knight

429. My Eyes Follow Them by Nellie Wong

430. Only One Hour by Nellie Wong

431. Viva French Fries! by Nellie Wong

432. Poem for President Bush by A.D. Winans

433. Hi-Ho, John Ashcroft by Kimberly White

434. Hard Work by Greg Boyd

435. 'Beat! Beat! Drums!' by Walt Whitman

436. Rush Limbaugh's Formative Years by Robert Roden

437. Axiom by Pearl Stein Selinksy

438. Mr. Ashcroft by Pearl Stein Selinksy

439. Every mother's child by Ruhiyyih Hansen

440. Going to sleep in the Garden Past Despair by Eugene Ruggles

441. 'Ten Ways to Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow to Anybody' by Adrian Mitchell

442. Very Short Story by David Humphreys

443. by Anatole Lubovich


444. Something by Joyce Odam

445. Paul by Joyce Odam

446. Winter, the White Edge by Joyce Odam

447. mi falda verde [my green skirt] by Christina Mantecón

448. Light of Love by Mark Anthony Kernan

449. Italian for Beginners by Juliette Lee

450. She rings the bell by Juliana Bures

451. The Cunt by M.A. Internicola

452. The Amazing Changing Face by J. D. Nelson

453. thunder in the sunshine... by Claudia Pisano

454. George Bush's Whitehouse Bed by Crag Hill


455. Lengua de Filero by Xico Gonzalez [Goldvarg tribute]

456. An Evening at the Matinee by Tiffini Brock

457. popular airs by Christopher Mulrooney

458. my reflection through rippled glass... by nathan cordero

459. Arboretum by Dan Brook

460. Canna Mania by Diane E. Dees

461. The Storybook House by Karen White

462. Five O'Clock in the Morning by Alice Parris

463. Jesabel - Lonely Soul by Jennifer February

464. Rest Assured I've Never Been There by Jnana Hodson

465. Swing by Todd Eddy

466. Tears by Adrian Manning

467. 11 by Eric Tolles

468. Phone Kabbala / Christmas Present / Night Vision / Rubber
Fetish by Helen Buckingham

469. Transparency by Martha Lea

470. Hecate by Zoe Brigley

471. Quest by Charlotte Hoare

472. For Kenneth & Miriam by Crawdad Nelson [Patchen Poem]

473. In a Field of Raw Potatoes by Crawdad Nelson [Patchen Poem]

474. The Rifle Barrell by Crawdad Nelson [Patchen Poem]


475. The Compact Edition of the Head By Andrew Paul Sullivan

476. The involuntary muscle of the heart By Andrew Paul Sullivan

477. Alchemy By Andrew Paul Sullivan

478. tiny alabaster Buddha by Kimberly White

479. Belief & Technique for Modern Prose [List of Essentials] by
Jack Kerouac

480. To a Haggis by Robert Burns

481. Bruce's Address at Bannockburn (Scots Wha Hae...) by Robert Burns

482. Aztlan by Xico Gonzalez

483. Barrio Manifest Destino by Xico Gonzalez

484. False Prophets by Xico Gonzalez

485. Acceptable Casualties by Arthur Winfield Knight

486. Preacher Man by A.D. Winans

487. A Call to Poets by A.D. Winans

488. Call & Response (for A.D. Winans) by S.A. Griffin

489. The Apes of Wrath by S.A. Griffin


490. flame by Bob Stanley

491. A While By Bob Stanley

MARCH 2005

492. Visiting June by Do Gentry

493. Meditation by Do Gentry

494. Catching a Wave by Kathy Kieth

495. When Dragons Fly by Kathy Kieth

496. An Ode to Narcissus by Robbie Grossklaus

497. Variations by Robbie Grossklaus

498. Dandelion Clock by Eleanor Livingstone

APRIL 2005

499. May 1968 Graffiti [APRIL FOOL]

500. m(other) tongue by Julia Connor POET LAUREATE TRIBUTE

501. i heard a rumor by John Dorsey

502. The Religion of the Lonely by John Dorsey

503. one's truth is another's fable (for christina) by Bill Roberts

504. Cicadas by Bill Roberts

505. Happiness by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

MAY 2005

506. A place and a time by Bob Stanley

507. The War by Scott Wannberg

508. We Do It Because by Scott Wannberg

509. It Just Is by Bill Gainer

510. So Now You Know by Antler


JUNE 2005

512. Cool Melon by James Lee Jobe

513. Sprout by James Lee Jobe

514. haiku (1999 - 2002) by s.v. taylor

515. Palm Trees by Iris Berry

516. I Have a Crush on that Red Head by Aaron Belz

517. Don't Pet the Fish by Aaron Belz

518. GLEEF by Aaron Belz

519. Smocks by Aaron Belz

JULY 2005

520. Judgment by J. Patrick Lewis

521. S'pose Into Me You by Phillip T. Nails

522. Another Show by Mark Kuniya

523. Dream Book by Steve Dalachinsky

524. Menu Ideas by Ruhiyyih Hansen


525. Pensée by frank andrick [FRENCH]

526. Thoughts by frank andrick

527. August, it seems, is a time for dying by Rachel Leibrock

528. The Turning Wheel by Max West

529. A Single Drop of Water by Max West

530. Everything You Need to Know About Aesthetics by Brian

531.Music to Your Ears by Brian Beatty

532. Bitter Rum Blues by Tom Goff

533. Who Hears Me? by Felix Lugo

534. San Francisco--4/3/2004 by Margie Corlett [VANDALS]


535. Sucklings by Gene Bloom

536. Break Fast by Gene Bloom

537. James Dean: The Junky & the Poet by Arthur Winfield Knight

538. James Dean: Marilyn by Arthur Winfield Knight

539. Under a Fallen Leaf by Susan Kelly-DeWitt


540. Eros by Rani Drew

541. Envy by Rani Drew

542. Nothing To Lose by Phil Goldvarg

543. I Saw Crosses Instead Of People by Jolanta Gradowicz

544. Mozart and the Mockingbird by Eric Paul Shaffer

545. Today's Canvas by Dan Karp

546. Love Song by Jonathan Hayes

547. Sometimes by Izzy Kaminski

548. Blue Bottles by Izzy Kaminski

549. Beet Poem by Rachel Hansen


550. Bleeding by Gail Ghai

551. A Fist Full of Colors by Gail Ghai [SALT]

552. Beyond Fathering by Diana Marshall

553. The Embalmer by Rhony Bhopla

554. Lincoln's Stepmother, 1819 by Kit Knight

555. Mollie Belle: A Necessity of War by Kit Knight

556. Morgan Freeman Comes to Sacramento by Arthur Winfield

557. The Room Was on Fire by John Dorsey

558. I Choose Not To Believe In War Holy Or Not by S.A. Griffin

559. maybe so, but by Lars Palm


560. Battered Bride Overture by Mary Zeppa

561. Gust of Life by G. Tod Slone

562. The Camera Pans by Dahn Shaulis

563. How Exquisite... by Charlotte Barton Hoare

564. The Examination by Charlotte Barton Hoare

565. i want barbie by katina douveas

566. Missing by Taylor Graham

567. December Junction by Taylor Graham

568. Snow—A Psalm (after GMc) by Amanda Earl

569. Empties by Jesse Ferguson


570. The Peacock and the Bowerbird by Anatole Lubovich

571. The Folded Note by David Larsen

572. Rimbaud Poems by Sean Finney

573. Listen to the Seeds Falling by Lauren Gudath

574. Fastback by Richard Hansen

575. Mirage by Judith A. Lawrence

576. Bright by Shireen Rahimi

577. O Ephesus, O Patmos! by Alex Rettie

578. Full Highlands by Jesse Ferguson

579. E v i d e n c e by Amanda Earl


580. Lily of the Valley by Louisa Howerow

581. stumblin' by Peter McElroy

582. Haiku by Adam Kane

583. For The Man That Would Be King by Adam Kane

584. Saturday it Rains [PENDING] by Rachel Hansen

585. What Color is Coffee? by Ruhiyyih Hansen

586. Rookie at the Barre by Helen Losse

MARCH 2006

587. An Ode to Drink by Lob

588. Absence by Lob

589.To the Editor whose Name Will Appear on my Next Rejection Slip
by G. Murray Thomas

590. The Morning After by G. Murray Thomas

APRIL 2006

591. Sexual Submarine by Betrand Hébert (April 1st)

592. Or Like a Broken Bone by Jane Blue

593. Bargain Basement Find by Ellen Yamshon

594. Do You Fear Me by Ellyn Maybe

595. authenticity over originality by Billy Childish

596. The cat I starved for Days in the Years of Rage and Lawyers by Mark Jackley

597. It Goes Without Saying by darrell glenn

598. Happy Hour by Todd Cirillo

599. Don't Try by Todd Cirillo

600. Imaginary Studies of Joshua Trees by Van Gogh by Charles Graham Macdonald

601. a desperado's diary:from the outlaw's prayer by John Dorsey

602. hawkins road by Richard Roden

603. hawkins road 2 by Richard Roden

604. No One Told the Trees by Sally Price-Douglas

605. The Love I feel for you by Kelsey Swanson

MAY 2006

606. The Black Vulture by George Sterling

607. Reading a Used Book by Victoria Dalkey

608. The Garden in February by Victoria Dalkey

609. On Visiting Bookshops by Christopher Morley

610. the sun never says by Hafiz [Design: Kevin Porter]

611. Drunkards of the Renaissance by Hannah Tello

612. Athene Noctua by Leonore Wilson

613. The Heifers by Leonore Wilson

614. Black Slippers by Do Gentry

615. Otherworldly by karyne de contreras

616. Two Salty Poems by karyne de contreras

617. Real by Tom Kryss

JUNE 2006

618. Armageddon Morn by Rob Davie

619. Disclaimer (for english 015 Students) by Jane Mikoni

620. Sand by Sam Jensen

621. Unchained by Sam Jensen

622. Lit Life by Jonathan Kiefer

623. Now both of us by Jonathan Kiefer

624. The Man from Slack Water Farm by Edward Dunn

625. Dawn Does Not Break in the West by Yeghishe Charents

JULY 2006

626. Love deeply... by lynne jackson

627. Yes You by Deva Shore

628. Lima Beans by Jordan Jones

629. Steps by Dan Sicoli

630. Running Toward by kit Knight

631. Zephyr by Matt Amott

632. Perfect Frames by Matt Amott

633. January by Edward Dunn

634. Blue Girl, Miles Apart by Jai Britton


635. Walking The Neighborhood by Mary Mackey

636. Fig by Albert Garcia

637. After the Deluge by Jim Dodge

638. The Bombing of Baghdad by Elizabeth Varadan

639. The Homeless by Elizabeth Varadan

640. Dog Days by Dan Pretzer

641. La Place Placide / The Placid Place by frank andrick

642. Rollita by Becca Costello

643. "Hard, Fast and Beautiful" by Rachel Leibrock

644. Wedding Belles by Ruth Z. Deming

645. Failed Haiku by Louis McKee

646. The Power of Free Speech by Louis McKee

647. Rare Extractions by Josef Nguyen

648. The Queen City by Kevin Burgess


649. Poetry For All by Dahn Shaulis

650. Meth by Dahn Shaulis

651. Black Friday by Dahn Shaulis

652. Linger by Tom Miner

653. Old Round Top by Tom Miner

654. Resisting the Tyrant by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

655. Translating Poetry at the Edinburgh Festival by Steve Porter

656. Czech and Slovakia by Steve Porter

657. Strife by Teodor Mischkin

658. Ten Haiku & Senryu by Pete Lee

659. Bush & Blair Ltd. by John G. Hall

660. Pissed by John G. Hall

October 2006

661. Mayim Acharonim by Alex Nodopaka

662. What I Saw In the Newspaper Yesterday by Alexandra Otte

663. New Yorker (Selections from) by William J. Hughes

664. James Dean (Selections from) by William J. Hughes

665. untitled by Robert Carroll [The typist ticks away...]

666. Professional Dreamer by Wayne Mason

667. Three Poems by Amy Whitcomb

668. No One to Blame by Kevin Griffith

669. Foreigner by Rob Taylor

670. Elegy by Gregory Santos

671. A Heart Shaped Piece Of My Youth by Paul Tristram

672. A Poem Can Stop The War by Deborah Guerrette

673. Ode To A Bookman's Beard by Deborah Guerrette

674. @poc@lypse By Nostradamnus (as channelled by Bill Costley)

675. Tide Collection by Francis Raven

676. Zen In The Art Of Jazz by Bradley Mason Hamlin

677. If by Edwinna Bryant

678. Adieu to March by Judith A. Lawrence


November 2006

680. The Thief By Emma Andijewska (adapted from Ukrainian by Anatole Taràs Lubovich)

681. Dark Falls by Theresa Vinciguerra

682. Paraiso Is a Dead End Street by Theresa Vinciguerra

683. Remembrance by Helen McGuire

684. Journey Into Darkness by Cheryl Doi

685. Raving Beauty by Rachel Savage

686. A Portfolio of Images by Ira Joel Haber

687. Cosmopolitan by Jenna Heard

688. Shadow Walking by Susan Finkleman

689. Old Rasper by Janine-Langley Wood

690. Corner Table at the Irish Pub by Kasandra Larsen

691. Heroin(e) by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

692. Visiting the Nameless Detective by Arthur Winfield Knight

693. Breakfast Serial by Joyce Gullickson

694. Breathe by Michael Gullickson

695. While The Silly Little Shell Of Our Insatiable Ghost Rots-- by Hosho McCreesh

696. How To Coax It Back From The Ledge Of This Brutal & Chosen Hell Within Which There Seems No Room For Joy... by Hosho McCreesh

697. Deus ex Machina Italiana by Indigo Moor

698. clevyland retrospect (a pome!) by Meredith Schmadel

699. 10/23/2006 by Wesley Teal


700. frank andrick is a name dropping whore [Collection]

701. Helicopteropolis by Tom Goff

702. On Ocean Beach by Tom Goff

703. Or what? by David Plumb

704. It Takes a Lifetime by Anne B. Grote

705. Happy Medium by Lindsay King

706. Plastic Flowers in Paradise by Philip Hyams

707. Settling for stone by Philip Hyams

708. A New Line by Meredith Schmadel

709. vishnu: the train ride to you by amanda oaks

710. behind the rhododendron by amanda oaks

711. To Our Father by Jenn DeWald

712. haiku by Gregory Corso (as suggested by Arthur Winfield Knight)

713. Epitaph by the poet Spiel

714. Lang may yer lum reek! (A Scottish Toast)

715. someone by Stephanaie Crawford


716. Dinner and a Movie by Kaveh Akbar

717. Market St. Cinema Life by MK Chavez

718. Hancock, Upstate New York by MK Chavez

719. Mr. Bukowski, I Didn't Know You Were Dead by MK Chavez

720. I Wish That You Were Lonely by Zoe Venditozzi

721. If I Don't Write This Poem, The Terrorists Win by Crawdad Nelson

722. Your Birthday Poem (for T.D.) by Jonathan Kiefer


723. Bandages and Antiseptics by Adam Saake

724. for george belcher by Mike O'Brien (as submitted by TL Kryss)

725. Through the Night by Crystal Bollinger

726. Autumnal Triad by Crystal Bollinger

727. every minute by Karl Koweski

728. Uncharted by C.S. Reid

729. Unit by C.S. Reid

730. Time Warrior by Doug Draime

731. Dada-esby Ellis Hunter Loth

732. Contact by Laura LeHew

733. Tempest by Laura LeHew

734. Love in the City by Greg Landheim

MARCH 2007

735. On the Fence by Richard Krech

736. Poems for Philip Lamantia in Wartime by Jack Crimmins

737. Anasazi Cave Spirit Speaks by Kathi Justman

738. This Heart by D. Smith

739. Self Preservation, Too by Cheryl Hicks

740. Burning Away the Blues by Cheryl Hicks

741. The Ride by christopher cunningham

742. Blow Wind Blow by christopher cunningham

743. Intermezzo by Carol Gilbert-Wagner

744. A Short Political Poem by Lee Kitzis

745. Its The Knell Of The Crumbling Ancients... by Hosho McCreesh

746. Chagrin by Anne B. Grote

747. Mistaken Bastard by Brian Beatty

748. Eyes of Coal by Noel Sloboda

749. Covert Intercept [translated by Richard Krech]

750. A Leid Caaed Love by Willie Hershaw {STANZA}

751. The Clear White Licht by Willie Hershaw {STANZA}

April 2007

752. The Poetry of Richard Milhouse Nixon [April Fool 2007]

753. Letter from the Docks by Caitlin McGuire

754. On The Rubble Lays Nothing by Caitlin McGuire

755. The Bullet by Caitlin McGuire

756. For Carol by Be Davison Herrera

757. Animal Grace by Chris Olander

758. I am Pedro Almodovar by sara larsen

759. Football Haiku by frank graham

760. vacant apartment by Lee Clark Zumpe

761. Wishful Thinking by Patsy Jenkins

PREVIOUS 761. Notes in the Margin by Theresa McCourt [remove at author's request]

762. Five Years by Bill Roberts

May 2007

763. Return to Barton Park by Brent Armendinger

764. Mr. President by Susan Kelly-Dewitt

765. Arrangement by Justine Tennant




769. Ward, Colorado by Bert Benson

770. LEVY-FOR-ALL! cover by Marc Snyder

771. Loops and Loops by Ed Coletti

772. Gentle Little Pushes by Ed Coletti

JUNE 2007

773. A Letter to Violet Edison by Dean Haakenson

774. an angel, once you've fallen by Jonathan Hayes

775. Wonders/Divas by Martin Reiner [Czech translation] via Bert Benson / Art Bureau

776. The Drowning of the Mermaid by William Gainer

777. A Dying Trade by William Gainer

778. Between Two Houses by Ed Baker

779. Trace by Aleathia Drehmer

781. Bold Marauder by Richard Fariña

782. On Being a Daughter by Kim Schröder

783. Naked Words by Kim Schröder

784. Hello Kitty by Ruhiyyih Hansen

785. Living on Main Street by Michele McDannold

786. The Packinghouse – Second Shift by Michele McDannold

787. Worker's Song by Ed Pickford

788. Open Your Minds by Timothy Davis

789. The Piano Has Been Drinking by Adam Kane

JULY 2007

790. Salud! by William J. Hughes [Spanish Civil War]

791. Friend of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade No. 1 by William J. Hughes [Spanish Civil War]

792. Friend of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade No. 2 by William J. Hughes [Spanish Civil War]

793. Friend of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade No. 3 by William J. Hughes [Spanish Civil War]

794. Good Old Days by Richard Wink

795. All in Awl by Jesse Ferguson

796. Latte Limerick by Jesse Ferguson

797. Waves by Jordan Bowen

798. To The Blues by Mathias Nelson

799. Rome,Italy by lindsay robertson


800. Queen of Bohemia by Philomene Long

801. Papersnake by Phil Weidman

802. Chime by Sunitha Srinivas Cherukat

803. the lucidity of insane talking dolls by arne rautenberg

804. nothing more than by arne rautenberg

805. Downstream by Kevin Burgess

806. Reflections on a First Date by Lisa Zaran

807. For example, ... by Ann Hudson

808. Fable Ending in Prayer by Nick Admussen

809. Around A Scorpian by Tom Hamilton

810. The King of Kentucky by Tom Hamilton


811. Made in China by Charles Stewart

812. The Kindling Girl by Charles Stewart

813. The Eyes are Bowls to Fill with Obscene Images by Tim J. Nelson

814. Two Poems by Max Middle

815. tin eureka by Peter Schwartz

816. what wasn't (ode to an atheist) by Peter Schwartz

817. Save Yourself I’m Tired by Nancy Jamieson

818. the poet oak by Wesley English

819. Two Cigarettes in the Dark by Rob Plath


820. Death, Taxes & Bullshit by Cynthia Ruth Lewis

821. One Golden Shower Deserves Another by Cynthia Ruth Lewis

822. Where The Wind Blows by Cynthia Ruth Lewis

823. Last Chance For World War 3 by Paul Corman Roberts

824. Beers With Kenneth by Paul Corman Roberts

825. Eight Ball by Douglas Paul Case

826. I Believe by Douglas Paul Case

827. Spiritual America by Jack Crimmins

828. Henry’s view by Henry Denander

829. My Funny Valentine by Henry Denander

830. Waiting for a goal by Henry Denander


831. poems by Mark Schwartz

832. Her Insides by Terry Davis

833. WITHIN 'RICHARD KOSTELANETZ' by Richard Kostelanetz

834. Poems by Richard Kostelanetz

835. Irais Another Four-Letter Word by Dan Brook

836. A poem by Zev Brook

837. Organ donor by Cassandra Dallett

838. Cuff Her Dano by Cassandra Dallett

839. Pregnant Girls Retreat by Katy Chatel [Collection]

840. Collected Poems by Katy Chatel

841. Chair by the poet Spiel

842. Shaving by Erik Scott

843. a reminder by Erik Scott

844. The road, the love and you by Jeremy Hansen

845. Unenligthened by Christine Irving

846. Pack Simply by Christine Irving

847. Cante Jondo by Ashaki Jackson, M.A., M.F.A.

848. swallowing spiders while sleeping by Warren Dean Fulton

849. I'll always lie to you by Warren Dean Fulton


850. The National Pastime by RD Armstrong

851. Spirit Lost by Martin J. Avery

852. Geopathy by Yvette Johnson

853. Mysterious Relative by Ann Tracy


855. A Hummingbird's Dream by Angela Minard






860. Edina by Robert Burns

861. Words from one o'clock to noon by Amy Kosciuszko

862. A Tiny Runcible Spoon: Selections from Edward Lear

863. Morning at the Window by T. S. Eliot

864. The Fly by William Blake

865."he has this coffee mug" by kim foscato

866. Azo Bell's Haiku by William Preston Robertson

867. Marilyn's Gone by Arthur Winfield Knight

868. Poets at Any Price by Ellaraine Lockie

869. London Lodging by Ellaraine Lockie

870. The Shy Cartographer by Kevin Jones (a collection)

871. A Mechanic's Proverb by Adam Deutsch


873. The Missing Legs - A Series by Friedrich Kerksieck






















895. Moon Gone by Tom Goff




899. Cigarette Smoke In Snow by Kaily Russell

900. I’m Nobody! Who Are you? by Emily Dickinson

901. Poetry Cornered Anthology edited by Kel Munger

902. The Teacup by San Thomas

903. The Drum by San Thomas

904. America by Soheyl Dahi

905. Honey Mead Agave Sweet by Terryl Wheat

906. Chronic Fatigue by Terryl Wheat

907. Collected Poems of Joyce Odam

908. Salzburg by R.S. Pyne (Rebecca Pyne)

909. Catacombs by R.S. Pyne (Rebecca Pyne)

910. Loving Me by Yvonne Cooley

911. The Overcrowded Mind by John G. Hall

912. Bookstore Haiku by Heather Seggel

913. petit manifest by tim depriest aka billy tombs

914. Epigram by Ernesto Cardenal

915. Epigram by Ernesto Cardenal

916. Propostion by Nicolás Guillén

917. Washerwomen of the Grijalva by Rosario Castellanos

918. I am a Seagull by Steve De France

919. Fear and Loathing at the Typewriter by Steve De France

920. Cherries For Breakfast by Jayne Dunsmuir

921. Zucchinis by Arthur Knight

922. Growing up with Dead People by Kit Knight

q.923. fairy tale blues by S. Erin Batiste

924. RAW: The sushi art of Tom Working

925. Mahmoud Darwish

926. You Men by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695)

927. brautigan meets bukowski by Scot Young

928. Portrait of a Dream by Casey Godwin

929. I'll Always Love You by Jokie The Poet

930. Coltrane View by Yvon J. Cormier

931. Memory is Fiction by Roxanne Brodeur

932. the birds never let me forget you by Amanda Oaks

933. Love Poems to NYC by John Vieira

934. by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa

935. by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa


936. Lament for Culloden by Robert Burns

937. Out Over the Forth by Robert Burns

938. The Book-Worms by Robert Burns

939. Food Bank Haiku by Heather Seggel

940. Bean Nighe by Jeanine Stevens

941. Black Noon in London by Jeanine Stevens

942. Glass Wind by Russell Salamon

943. Five Essential Poems by William Wantling: Initiation 1/5

944. Five Essential Poems by William Wantling: I remember 2/5

945. Five Essential Poems by William Wantling: Poetry 3/5

946. Five Essential Poems by William Wantling: Once You've Been a Dopefiend 4/5

947. Five Essential Poems by William Wantling: ah, history! 5/5



950. 16th & Valencia by Alejandro Murguía

951. Three Seeds for Your Birthday by Alejandro Murguía

952. Mr. (S)Ain't by Lisa Vicious

953. Pennies Pout, Dimes Dazzle by Stephen Kopel

954. Going Home by Ann Privateer

955. Buddy Holly: Poems by William J. Hughes

956. Goddess Use Me - National Canyon by Will Staple

957. Balance by Katherine M. O'Brien

958. (Rising Tide) by Katherine M. O'Brien

959. Ol' George by Jack Hill

960. Finnian's Pizzeria by Fred Lapisardi

961. Orange by Sarah Farrant

962. My First Lie by Sophia Stirdivant

963. The Worrying Whys Within by Sarah Rahman

964. The Inevitable by TawfeeElahi Samad

965. Baudelaire by Tinker Greene

966. Misguided Greatness by K Mitchell

967. Beauty is Me by Leigh Radtke

968. s/he by Jessica Englund

969. Clocks by William McCormick








977. by Ambar Past

978. by Taslima Nasrin

979. by Ziba Karbassi

980. by Zhai Yongming

981. by Tarek Eltayeb

982. by Francis Combes replacing Tamim Barghouti

983. by Roy Arad

984. by Maram Al-Massri

985. by Paul Flores

986. by Lam Thi My Da

987. by Sasha Pimentel Chacon

988. by Ignatius T. Mabasa

989. by Menna Elfyn

990. by Georges Castera

991. by Daisy Zamora

992. by Ferruccio Brugnaro

993. by Carla Badillo Coronado

994. by Anna Lombardo

995. by Cletus Nelson-Nwadike

996. by Agneta Falk

997. by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

998. by Carol Muske-Dukes

999. by Al Young

1000. CNN by Diane Di Prima

1001. The Two Words by Jack Hirschman

1002. Martha Ann Blackman

1003. by Bob Stanley



1005. The Brave Little Daisy / The Brave Little Daisy Succumbs by Arthur Winfield Knight and Kit Knight

1006. The Mind Grows with Still by Seth Kopitowsky

1007. it is wise to consider by j/j hastain

1008. Two from the Ocean by Bill Vartnaw

1009. Stretch by Anna Mae Stanley

1010. Fire Hazard by Anna Mae Stanley

1011. My hands are not my hands today by Joshua Montmeny

1012. Numbness by Judith R. Robinson

1013. London by William Blake

1014. In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound

1015. The Heart is an Empty Bucket by Kathy Kieth

1016. The Heart is an Apple by Kathy Kieth

1017. Shake Spear by William J. Hughes