On the morning after, the sky is more blue.

The fight is not over although the sky is more blue. -- A.D. Winans

Take this as one of the many celebratory blog posts emerging all over the sphere right now celebrating the landslide victory of President-elect Obama. As I type this I'm listening to Maureen McGovern's 1972 AM-radio hit "The Morning After," otherwise known as The Song From The Poseidon Adventure. Why? Because I'm in my 40s, sentimental, and I felt like listening to little 1970s smarm as we step out of eight years of darkness. Join me, won't you?

There's got to be a morning after
If we can hold on through the night
We have a chance to find the sunshine
Let's keep on looking for the light

Am I suggesting a comparison between a fictional cruise ship disaster and the failed presidency of George Bush? You betcha. (Both capsized.) Obama is no savior. But he will be a better president. "The fight is not over," writes poet A.D. Winans, "but the sky is more blue."