202 | Richard Martin's Draught Utopia for St. Patrick's Day

In honor of both St. Patrick's Day and Guinness, a redesign of Richard Martin's Chaplette titled, The Perfect Pint.

by Richard Martin [2]

With a thirst deep as the Irish
Sea, I reached for the pint of
Guinness on the beer drain.
"Don't you be touchin' the
Guinness," barmaid said. "It's
workin' its magic--done when I
say." Magic, I wrote in the
creamy brown head.Then
sipped on the soul of Ireland.

[1] Day Two. NOTES.13. Guiness.
A few years ago, Guiness ran a contest
to win a pub in Ireland for a description
of a perfect pint in 50 words or less. I
wrote one and really thought in might win.
It didn?t. Here?s my entry.

[2] Greg Boyd was there. And Martin. Me.
A literary moment? In Paradise. A foot
locker of Unicorns and a fat manuscript.
BOINK: a memoir. Publish it in your
series, suggested Boyd. (Or was it
Martin?) Several hundred pages. Sprial
bound. Was it a joke? They both were
smiling as I was handed the tomb.
Heavy. Alright. But it won?t be in order.
Part One of BOINK A memoir by Richard Martin
Serialized in POEMS-FOR-ALL No. 202
March 2003