OUTBOUND | PFAs to Scotland

Blake and his Nurse's Song in sparkling light green covers
d.a. levy in his neon greens
Kenneth Patchen in linocut solemnity; The Artists Duty
Brecht on Hell (as something quite like Los Angeles)
Judith Robinson's wrenching Yad Vashem

These along with a Whitman's Sampler of other titles (500 in all) were shipped to Scotland today to be dispensed during StAnza: Scotland's Poetry Festival "The only regular festival dedicated to poetry in Scotland, StAnza is international in outlook. Held annually each March in the ancient university town of St Andrews, it is an opportunity to engage with all forms of poetry and to hear world class poets reading in exciting and atmospheric venues."

My appreciation to Eleanor Livingstone, StAnza's Artistic Director, for making Poems-For-All part of this year's festival.