Octopus | First Contact

I was delighted to get the following from the editors of Octopus Magazine:

I am a co-editor at the online poetry magazine, Octopus (www.octopusmagazine.com). My co-editor and I recently became aware of the series that you run, Poems-for-All, and are pretty psyched about it. We're hungry for more info, more insight into the series and you, etc, and we think our readers at Octopus might feel the same way. Anyway, what I am trying to get to: Could we interview you?

So far, we have interviewed the anonymous editor of Anon. books and Peter O'Leary, the literary executor to Ronald Johnson. We're interested in, as you can see, how poems get to the masses, the process, the philosophies, the motivations, the intricate little things, and I'm sure you could offer some intriguing insight. Check out our past interviews in issues #2 and #3 to see how we do things. We ask 8 sets of three questions. In each of the 8 sets, you can choose which of the three questions you'd most like to answer--that way, YOU can control the direction of the interview, and it is equally interesting to see which questions you choose not to answer. Please consider, and let us know what you think, either way.

Zachary Schomburg
co-editor, Octopus